About Me?

11 Nov

You know how some blogging newbies start their About Me sections by lamely declaring that they are newbies? No? Okay well I was going to make fun of them—making fun of people being the main theme of this blog—and then go on to un-lamely declare that, granted I am a newbie, I will rock at this. Now, for a little random trivia about me…hmmm this is not as easy as it seems… internet users became so damn sophisticated (and stuff, like OMG) so maybe I should just pretend this is the Stone Internet Age and people still ask simple questions like: a/s/l, to which I will immediately answer: 12/f/Chris Hansen’s kitchen. Now I know you’re going to deny ever asking such a question (or answering it truthfully for that matter) so I am just going to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God:
I am 21, living on Earth, but earthlings require me to say I am Sudanese– given my ancestors’ mating choices and a few silly men with permanent markers and a map of the world, who decided that a few hundred tribes should be one country. Now back to the subject of identifying myself (I am surprised you are still reading this, flattered, but surprised nonetheless.) In all actuality, I am a proud Sudanese girl, who is currently pursuing a degree in… (Brain just a gave me a nudge to stop giving too much personal info, so the fact that I am a business major shall remain confidential) I consider myself an intellectual, half of the time at least, the other time being spent as a supercilious pedant (like the time I referred to myself as a supercilious pedant on my blog.) This blog is about random thoughts that I often feel compelled to expel from my brain because they taint my other “normal” thoughts. I thought other people might enjoy my thoughts, or the byproducts of my questionable cranial abilities, and not enough sleep.

You love this blog. You eat it up.

Bon Appetit.

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