Random Rambling at 4 AM

11 Nov

Here’s a rather scary thought—out of everyone you know, there’s definitely someone that has a split personality. Now I know that many of you have already made a mental line up of candidates for such a disorder—some of you might even suspect yourself—but all In all, it is a rather interesting thought. That goes for other diseases, but we will not be getting into the grim statistics about cancer, heart disease, AIDS…oo AIDS, okay maybe I want to know who’s been naughty naughty! Is that disturbing? That is disturbing? What’s wrong with me (note to reader: you can officially add me to your list of suspected schizophrenics.) On the flip side, if you have a friend with split personality disorder, you technically got a 2 for the price of 1 deal, even though only one of the two personalities is probably represented statistically (and by statistically, I mean the inflated estimation of the number of people you “know” on facebook.) I don’t know where this is going; let me ask my other self.


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