Mexico on Darfur

25 Nov

This is an interesting article by the Sudan Tribune titled: Unfortunate Mexican statement on ICC move against Sudanese President.


3 Responses to “Mexico on Darfur”

  1. Eu November 26, 2008 at 12:33 am #

    What a great commentary in terms of substance and ideas!

    Sudan’s promise was great – peace, the lifting of sanctions, a new constitution, a bill of rights, reconstruction funds, a peaceful transition of power and free and fair elections…

    Unfortunately the powers that be have definitely not lived up to their part of the deal.

    Millions more died in the war with the south through famine amongst other reasons and that war got to the Security Council half a century after its inception whereas numerous Security Council resolutions have been tabled on Darfur which has become irrationally internationalised.

    Mexico’s intention when opposing the US on the invasion of Iraq should be seen in light of Mexico’s position as one of the big oil producing nations.

    Otherwise Mexico is, in terms of foreign policy and otherwise, attached at the hip to the USA – case in point – NAFTA.

    Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba have been on Sudan’s side regarding the ICC indictment and even senior diplomats in Argentina (Ocampo’s country) met with the number 4 man at the Sudanese foreign ministry a couple of months ago.

  2. sudaneseoptimist November 27, 2008 at 11:19 am #

    Eu, I am curious, what is your take on the ICC indictment?

  3. Eu November 27, 2008 at 11:38 am #

    Politically motivated universal jurisdiction adventurism.

    I’d like a Sudanese lecturer to cross-examine Ocampo on the ‘Fur, Masaalit & Zaghawa’ on whom he speaks both so superficially and authoritatively.

    Is there a culture of impunity in Darfur for those who commit war crimes ‘on both sides’ – yes.

    Is there a culture of impunity in current, on-going civil wars ‘outside’ Darfur for those who commit war crimes – yes.

    How is it that those who take up arms against central government are designated terrorists:

    The PKK in Turkey
    The IRA in Britain
    The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka
    The FARC in Colombia
    and the list goes on…

    When those with real impunity are the rebel leaders aka war lords who live in continental European capitals and are invited as special guests at the political conventions of major parties in their host countries…

    Check out my notes for more insight.

    If Sudan wasn’t mildly counter-hegemonic there would be no indictment.

    That being the case I don’t like the way Sudan is dealing with the crisis / issue.

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