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Inside the Arab League Summit

31 Mar

Reuters List of Best Websites About Sudan

27 Mar

If you’re like me and you are always hungry for more news about Sudan and constantly crave different views and news on Sudan, then be sure to check out the Reuters AlertNet list.

I am very thankful and humbled that Reuters included my blog as one of the best websites discussing Sudanese issues. I encourage my readers to check out every single other link on the list because they all offer great insights and news about Sudan that you will not find in mainstream media.

Here is the full Reuters AlertNet list of links and a little bit of information on what each one is about:

Sudan: Humanitarian snapshot map – ReliefWeb graphic

Making Sense of Darfur – Alex de Waal and others blog about the ICC ruling

Sudanese Optimist – a Sudanese citizen’s view plus lots of links to other bloggers in the “Sudanosphere”

Humanitarian Relief – former aid worker Michael Kleinman provides his take

Thirsty Palmetto – an aid worker’s view from south Sudan

Rob Crilly – freelance journalist writing about Sudan

Sudan Watch – frequently updated with news from a wide range of sources

Enough Project – blogs about Sudan and the ICC from anti-genocide group

Twitter updates from Andrew Heavens – Thomson Reuters journalist in Khartoum

And I second Ingrid Jones, author of Sudan Watch, “thank goodness they’ve not pointed their readers to American warmongers Eric Reeves and Nicholas Kristof.”

In addition to this great list, I highly recommend checking out all the other fantastic Sudanese bloggers for their take on Sudanese news and issues– a list can be found in my blogroll.

If you know of any other great blogs about Sudan, let me know and I will be glad to link to them.

Exclusive Interview with the Sudanese Ambassador to the United States

25 Mar

Fellow Sudanese blogger Drima and I were fortunate enough to get a chance to interview Dr. Akec Khoc, the Sudanese Ambassador to the United States. Dr. Akec Khoc is a former exiled physician who was has spent years treating refugees in camps in Ethiopia and has a long record in health care advocacy for the displaced and marginalized peoples of Southern Sudan.

The interview is currently exclusively available on Drima’s blog, ‘The Sudanese Thinker’. Click here to listen to it.

We encourage the mainstream media to use this interview, provided that they appropriately credit Sudanese Optimist and The Sudanese Thinker as their source.

Guess Who’s Not In Sudan?

23 Mar

Al-Bashir. The recently indicted president made his first trip outside Sudan to travel to Eritrea.

Ouch. The ICC’s feelings must really be hurt.

What’s Islam Got to Do With It?

20 Mar

It is no secret that the recent ICC indictment of president Al-Bashir has undermined the stability and possibly even sovereignty of Sudan. Regardless of many Sudanese officials declaring their disregard of the indictment, and many Arab countries’ demonstrating solidarity with Al-Bashir, deep down inside everyone is well aware that this will, sooner or later, have grave consequences for Sudan and its people.

However, despite the grim and ominous mood, some are fortunately still maintaining a refreshing sense of humor about the ICC ruling. Suawiya Khader Al-Amin, an attorney and lecturer in shari’a and law could now add ‘comedian’ to his resume. According to a recent report by the London based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Mr. Al-Amin has demanded of Sudan’s Islamic Fiqh Council that it issue a fatwa permitting the killing of International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, following his decision to issue an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir.

His justification for his not at all ridiculous demand is that Ocampo’s decision would lead to civil war among the Muslims in Sudan.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is what I call irony at its purest and finest form.

Quote of the Day

9 Mar


“We hope that the State of Qatar declines to receive [President] Al-Bashir to attend the Arab Summit; if not we would be forced to reconsider our position on the peace process.”

JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim

Oh The Irony!

7 Mar


In an interesting turn of events, Palestinians are now out on the streets in support of none other than Sudan’s Al Bashir. What in the world? Never thought I’d see this day!

So I’ve been known to wear a kiffeyeh once in a while–should I expect to see little Palestinian munchkins wearing a 3imma soon?

Ironic humor aside, thanks for your concern Palestinian citizens! As for Hamas’ support of Omar Al-Bashir, uh, thanks but no thanks!