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Look! It’s an update!

30 Apr

So turns out it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I actually forgot my password to this thing. Not good, eh? Well, honestly I didn’t know I wasn’t going to be blogging for this long, it just…happened, so I didn’t prepare any excuses for the flaky blogging, but I do know exactly why I haven’t been blogging. The reason my dear readers, is that for the past month, I’ve stuck my tongue out at pretty much everything in my life that was not fun. What? This blog isn’t fun? Damn right it is, but it wasn’t for the past period, because I was blogging about stupid assholes that happen to head my country and every country surrounding it. I honestly remember when I was reading news re: the Arab League Summit, I got this deeply pessimistic feeling about the future of the Arab World…it was so sickening to read about all the leaders’ antics and immaturity. The one thing that was even more freighting/depressing to me was realizing that everyone seems to be hibernating. How in the world are there no repetitive, systematic, and daily coups across the Arab world to get rid of these dim wits? Hey Libyans, put down the bazeen and the camel meat pizza for a second and kick that Gaddafi of yours to the curb. All other nationalities, please do as the Libyans have done, and repeat the process as necessary. The only country exempt from this is Qatar. You Qatari’s are great, keep doing what you do best…(or umm, hire foreigners to do it for you.)

Anyway, the other underlying reason for this absence is that I’ve entered a phase. It’s a pensive phase that made me highly receptive but also rather reticent. For the past few weeks, I was so engrossed in observing people, and so intrigued by everyone’s actions/reactions around me. I’ve also come to realize that there’s such a thing as a thinking curve. I believe that sometimes you could get fully lost in your thoughts, that you reach a threshold where you begin to be so inquisitive, so introspective, that you become less inclined to share your thoughts with others–for various reasons. The world is an interesting place my friends, and sometimes one needs to stand still, engage in deep thought, listen, and attempt to absorb it all. All that, and I also had a 120+ page project (due tonight) that I’ve been working on all month, and it has sucked the bone marrow out of me.

So, I’m coming out of my shell for a while to say hello, I’ve enjoyed analyzing the crap out of everyone around me. As a responsible citizen of the blogosphere, I apologize for hogging all my thoughts, I will share them with you sooner rather than later. After all, the voices in my head unanimously voted that my thoughts are extraordinarily fascinating and thus must be shared with all.

I’m glad you agree.  Blogging resumes and the first thing I’ll be discussing is…my identity. As soon I submit my teratoma of a project, I’ll start writing again. Get excited!