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Reason #9734 Not to Support Egypt

19 Nov

And that is, in soccer, and everything else for that matter:

Disgusting, but expected?

Note: Please log on to youtube and flag the video.


13 Nov
I started my blog a year ago! So as promised, and only like a milllion trillion days late, I will follow through with my promise and tell you a little bit about me. First of all, this blog is anonymous, meaning that you don’t and won’t know my name and this shall remain so until further notice. However, through the millions and trillions of fan mail that I got (e7m), I know that many of you want to know me a little better, and since I’m awesome, I like talking about myself so there’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Before I tell you more about me, let me tell you, as and requested by Amjad (you probably forgot that you asked me about this but I still remember!) why I am choosing to blog anonymously and if that’s better. Yes it’s better and that’s why I do it. But, it’s better for ME, not necessarily the best way for everyone. I tend to write a lot more freely when no one knows who I am, and I am not referring to political views or what not, because I’m pretty badass and can say what I want and never get in trouble. That’s right, I got connections. I am not worried about that, and my opinions remain the same anonymously or if you met me in person. It’s more of a personal thing, I just write better when I know no one I know is reading– you know, like, dance like no one’s watching type deal (speaking of which, why is that like everyone’s favorite quote? it’s a bit on the lame side.) I think it has something to do with me being a marketer, and once I know my audience and they know me, I feel obliged to cater to their needs and ‘market’ to them. I do not want to fall into that trap. So…

All you need to know for now is that I’m a 22 year old Sudanese girl living in the US, and here are some of my interests: dreaming up nefarious plots, obliterating Nigerian villages, manicuring lawns of Mexican immigrants, sprinkling glitter on grumpy people, reciting the dictionary from A to Z and backwards again, give name tags to people who sit next to me on planes, show five year olds pictures of teratomas, bedazzling cowboy hats, laughing at inappropriate times,not laughing after someone says a joke, harassing Nicholas Kristof, donating obscene amounts of money to “Save the Guinea worm foundation,” building igloos, making racist jokes at office meetings to make everyone uncomfortable, telling little American kids the truth about Santa Claus, hanging out with homeless people,┬átelling people I’m a narcissist even though I’m the nicest most humble person in the world, tooting my own horn, finding my doppelganger (as of today, I am still looking.) I suffer from wanderlust and an extreme addiction to knowledge…all sorts of knowledge. I am an aspiring vagabond. my favorite colors are communist red and janooby black. i really want to know who writes fwds. i love street performers, marching bands, and i like quotes. i like listening to extremely ghetto rap songs in alvin and the chipmunks voices. i am a horrible driver and anyone who rides with me usually starts praying. even atheists. i like bento boxes. I don’t like fame but i like glory. I love Sudanese youth, and I am always inspired by accomplished Sudanese people!