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Sudanese Halloween Costume!

30 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone! Yes yes I know, that’s so American, that’s so Haram, that’s so bla bla bla. I love Halloween, and I put those anti-Halloweeners in the same category as teacher’s pets, snitches, bed-wetters,┬ánecrophiliacs, and party-poopers (well, anti-halloweeners would be a sub-category of party-poopers.)

Anyway, the one thing I dislike about Halloween is seeing girls using it as an excuse to be slutty. Therefore, this Halloween, I decided to combat this phenomenon, by dressing up as the un-sexiest, scariest thing I could think of……

A Sudan TV anchorwoman! Boo!

Scarier than Freddy

Are you celebrating Halloween? What are you going to be?