11 Feb

Some of my favorites:


1- ‎”Just Kidding!” #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

2- #reasonsmubarakislate he keeps getting interrupted by kanye west telling him that Cleopatra was the best egyptian leader of all times.

3- ‎#ReasonsMubarakislate Arguing about baggage allowance 4 his departure flight: “Excess luggage? But Ben Ali´s wife took 1.5 tons of gold!!”

4- He can’t find his blanky. #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

‎5- #ReasonsMubarakIsLate: Googling countires with the least youth population

6- Trying to become “Mayor of Egypt” on Foursquare. #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

7- Throwing darts on Mark Zuckerberg’s picture for creating that darn Facebook #ReasonsMubarakisLate

8- ‎#reasonsmubarakislate turn off heating – check. Passport – check. I’m sure I missing something? …….. Did I leave the iron on?

9- He’s trying to Google Map Saudi Arabia but forgot he shut down the internet. #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

10 – #ReasonsMubarakIsLate is that he’s busy reading all the #ReasonsMubarakIsLate tweets.


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