5 Sure Tell Signs Your Dictator Is Just Not That Into You

22 Nov

1- He’s Cheating On You With Another Country
You’ve caught him sending gifts of say, 20,000 sheep, to the lovely country next door, whom you’ve always suspected he has a crush on. This is especially hurtful after you’ve boycotted meat because of high prices. You also suspect something bad is going on with a certain Asian country.

2- He Never Listens To You
He’s never there for you when you need him, even though he really has no where to go since Ocampo put him on lock down, so technically, he should have more time for you, but he doesn’t. He has never let you vote on any major or minor decision that affects your future. He has made it clear that your opinion does not matter, and not only that, that he will not tolerate any opinion of yours that conflicts with his.

3- He Hates Your Family
You’ve begged him to get to know your family members better, but he’s been at war with them since the relationship started. Finally, they decided to abandon you and him in a referendum in July 2011. And the zinger? They didn’t even ask you how you felt about it. The whole thing was traumatizing for you but you could swear you heard him mumble ‘fi siteen dahya’

4- He Keeps His Finances Separate
You have been together for over 20 years, however, he still keeps a separate bank account off shore and you are not allowed to even ask about it. He has seen you struggling with your finances, barely making ends meet, yet he refuses to chip in.

5- He Is Physically And Verbally Abusive
At first, you put up with his verbally abusive ways because it was generally directed towards others, sometimes you even felt like he was just trying to protect you. When he told others they are ‘under his shoe’ you questioned yourself but let it go. However, he started being verbally abusive towards you telling to you to lick your elbow and making so many vows (not of the happy matrimony kind) and there’s no stopping his threatening. To add insult to injury, or rather, injury to insult, he is physically abusive towards you whenever you disagree with him.

If your dictator exhibited one or more of the aforementioned signs, it’s time to give him the boot. Find someone who values you. You’re worth it.


2 Responses to “5 Sure Tell Signs Your Dictator Is Just Not That Into You”

  1. Leena Zahir November 22, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Looks like we suffer all the symptoms. Let’s just hope the breakup is soon to come. Let’s hope it’s painless.

  2. Abdalla December 16, 2011 at 5:36 am #

    We admire our president Omer ALBASHIR THE LION OF AFRICA..He is better than your half cast one who abandons his righteous religion just to be in office..what about Capitalism dictatorship?..Can Obama challenge AIBAC? Is he allowed to say no to Isrealis settlements? Can he give any real promises to the Palestinians other than lip service?..Sudanese are real fathers of revolts..they preceeded the Arabian spring with 5 decades when they threw out Abood’s regime and Numairi’s but they like Omero:)..He represents Islam and shari3a..Life isn’t just amenities ya optimist, by the way i was thinking you are southerner but 6alu3ta aw 6alu3ti northerner:)

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