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An Open Letter to Electronic Mujahideen

4 Jul

Dear Electronic Mujahid,

Hello there. Welcome to my blog. Let me preface this letter by saying that in the event that you drop dead while browsing this page, I sincerely hope that you do indeed reach the highest level of Paradise as a reward for your noble jihad(ism?) In case that does not happen, let’s set the record straight.

You are probably here with the sole intention of making us stop speaking our minds both online and offline, probably by way of harming us. Since I am unsure what it is exactly that you want me to stop doing or saying, I decided to write you. The other reason quite frankly is that I think it’s a shame if we do not get to know each other better. You see, me as a blogger, and you as a blogga-hater, we both probably stumble on the same material online and such. What differs is our motivation, and that’s what I would like us to be clear on. Please allow me to start– my motivation is to protect your rights to speak your mind and live a better life. Yes, I see the irony in that but it is the truth. Truth be told, I live quite the comfortable life. Political happenings and economic fluctuations do not so much affect my life as the weather. But unlike the weather, a rainy day is something I can change. Especially when a rainy day turns into a rainy year, decade, or longer as it is. Those less fortunate who have been scrambling to save for a rainy day have now depleted their resources and they need help and shelter. Of course this is just a metaphor, but if you catch my drift, I’d like to ask you not to rain on the parade protesters asking for the protection of basic human rights and improvement of living standards. I’d like to ask you to recognize our shared responsibility towards those who have no shelter from the rain.

I am writing these words as I assure you that I do not want you in prison, not now, and not ever. I do not want you out of the country and I do not want you to wish that upon me and my fellow Sudanese citizens either. I am writing this because I want to walk in the streets of our country without fearing you. I am writing this because I do not understand why you fear me. As I’m writing this, many of my fellows who are fighting for a better life for all sit in jail, possibly because you targeted them.

All I ask of you is that you recognize the difference you can make. Next time you are lurking online and infiltrating sinful online conversations about decent living standards, please think of the motivation of those risking it all, and your motivation to do whatever it is you think is necessary to do. We do not know each other, but I could be your sister, your mother, your daughter, your cousin– because all those people surely do wish a better life for you and everyone else in Sudan.

That is all. Oh and, please consider a career change. There are numerous ways to serve your country and/or get to Paradise.


Sudanese Optimist

“When we see others as the enemy, we risk becoming what we hate. When we oppress others, we end up oppressing ourselves. All of our humanity is dependent upon recognizing the humanity in others.” — Desmond Tutu