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Quote of the Day

9 Mar


“We hope that the State of Qatar declines to receive [President] Al-Bashir to attend the Arab Summit; if not we would be forced to reconsider our position on the peace process.”

JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim


Mo Ibrahim on Afro-optimism

29 Nov

“Africa was perceived, it still is to some extent, as a place which is very difficult to do business in. I don’t share that view. Africa has 53 countries. And you find that three or four countries in these 53 are dominating the news.

There is, I think, a problem with image for Africa. Whenever there is a problem with image, whenever there is a gap between reality and perception, there is a good business there. I’m an African. If I don’t do it, who else will do it?” Continue reading

Quote of the Day

20 Nov

سوداني الجنسيه
والزفه مصريه
واللبسه هنديه
ودي الرقصه غربيه
يا حليل الهويه

Awad Dakkam song by Taha Suliman

Quote of the Day

13 Nov

“Do not be bothered by what Ocampo (ICC Chief Prosecutor) says. He is too weak for his decision is in the hands of his master: the USA, France and UK. We will never be subdued, we will never kneel and we will never be led. They are never able to extend or shorten human life. Sustenance and kingdom are never in the hands of the USA, France or America. They (USA, UK and France) are all under my shoes.”

President Omar Al-Bashir