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R.I.P. Dubai

17 Feb

This is sad. Dubai is well on its way to becoming a ghost town. With recent reports of massive layoffs and most major construction projects coming to a halt, Dubai is slowly becoming emblematic of the historical and inevitable failure of ‘east meets west’ attempts. Considering its serious lack of historical depth or relevance, Dubai’s attractions are becoming rather trite, and seem to only lure the shallow, fickle, and vapid ones.

The City is also facing dire consequences for denying Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer a Visa in order to be able to participate in the Dubai Tennis Championship. Peer is qualified to participate in the tournament and has full rights to demand being granted a visa, especially since the WTA has a “clear rule and policy” that tournaments cannot deny any player entry to a tournament based on their nationality. Just seems like everything Dubai does is another indication of its potential (inevitable?) demise.

Many reports now indicate that some artificial islands are sinking, and the luxury hotels atop those man-made islands have serious infrastructural failures, to the point that only cockroaches come out of water taps! Credibility of those reports aside, the fact is that Dubai’s stock market value is plummeting, not to mention the city’s $80 billion debt which is proof that Dubai seems to be on its deathbed and breathing artificially-but will it ever fully recover?  For now, it is anybody’s guess as to what the city’s ominous future holds!

Oh well, now I need to find a new place to fantasize about moving to in the near future. Rio de janeiro perhaps?